Monday, 8 June 2009

First time getting 'Bumper Box Deal'

I hesitated a lot before ordering one of these 'pay £25 and get £125 value' boxes but last week I gave in to temptation and ordered one.
The contents are:

My verdict?
Well, given that we homeschool our kids any craft stuff will be used anyway.

Having said that, there are a lot of papers in the box: 10 packs plus one bag of off-cuts and one bag of 4 x 6 handmade papers.
probably my only other criticism is that of the 3 stamp sets, 2 are identical which seems a bit pointless really.
There are also 4 identical sets of Christmas stickers but that's OK as it's quite easy to make use of that many. Over all the stickers were good.

Would I do it again? Probably at some stage as my little boy will make use of the neon papers and grey dishwater-looking paper.
If I wasn't homeschooling and if my sons weren't into crafting, then I probably wouldn't. It is good value if you were to buy the items individually but I wouldn't have chosen some of the papers, the quilling papers, the wedding cards and the duplicate stamp sets.


  1. I can't see pictures of all your beautiful new stash!! Sort it out.. I'm waiting to be jealous here ;) xx

  2. oh no! I can't see them either!!