Sunday, 26 April 2009

Boy did this recipecard give me trouble!
I can't say I'm too pleased with the result but sometimes there's no amount of peel offs, stickers, embellishments etc that will hide the things you don't like. Oh well. We live and learn as they say!

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Friday, 24 April 2009

A lovely flower stamp

I tried lots of different techniques while making this card but most didn't work and I ended up doing something else to cover up the mistake! Having said that I really love the stamp of the flower.
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Sunday, 19 April 2009

An early start on Christmas cards!!

I got some Christmassy bits on sale and felt inspired to do some Christmas cards. I've made each card with a particular person/family in mind and I've even written the message inside. I usually loathe Christmas cards bc I feel they aren't written/sent for genuine reasons but rather because it's what you're supposed to do. I do love getting a Christmas card that feels genuine in meaning though!




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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cards I made years ago!

I was 'decluttering' my computer when I found pictures of these cards I made about 4 years ago. I was recovering emotionally and physically from 2 miscarriages and cardmaking was a real comfort to me. Sorry the pictures aren't very good.

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Recipe card

This is my first recipe card. I made it for a recipe card swap that I am taking part in.
The theme was 'Low Fat' so I chose meringues as a recipe! It's a 4 x 6 card with the recipe in an envelope on the back that close with velcro. I used a lot of techniques that are new to me like acetate (for the word 'Meringues' on the front), using material (pink guingham on the front), using an envelope on the card and of course making a recipe card in itself and participating in a swap!

Here's the back of the card with the envelope open to show the recipe:

this is the back with the envelope shut:

And the front of the card:
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Thursday, 9 April 2009

More cards!

This is one I made from printing off free background papers. Unfortunately the ink seems to smudge easily and the paper curled a bit after the glue dried so I'll need to look into how I should have done it! ;-) It's not my best creation but never mind.

I made this one about 3 years ago (!!) for a French friend but I can't remember why I still have it!

I really like this one though I don't think you can see all the detail on the photo (if you click on the photo it should open up a larger version). BTW, this is a square white card. I just realised that what is actually carpet in the background could look like a textured card). The ribbon I used horizontally had glue seeping through so I applied glue to the whole ribbon and used pearl powder on it: I really like the result! Each of the little handbags has an 'embelishment on it: the first has varnish, the second and third pearl powder accents:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back into papercrafting!

I'm finally back into papercrafting!
After doing a MAJOR declutter of all my bits and bobs and organising the rest so I can actually find things I'm back on track after taking a 'maternity leave' from crafting!

Here are some of my creations:

This is my very first ATC. I credit ATCs for getting me back into crafting:

This is one of the very few of my scrapbook pages that contains any significant amount of journalling. It's kind of a 'private' page out of respect for my son as it lists the most memorable public embrassing things he did when he was 2.5!!

This is my other son, aged 4 months:

This is an Easter card that didn't go too well. I was experimenting with the freebie samples of flock I got with my craft magazine and my toddler decided he wanted to 'help' and...well...need I say more? But I don't mind too much. I'm OK to have a few less-than-perfect cards if it means I can spend time with my little one showing him how to make cards.