Sunday, 31 May 2009

More Tildas and an Edwin

Flowers made with Flowersoft:

A Father's Day card:

These two are Christmas cards:

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another Tilda card

I amde this card for the friday Sketchers Challenge but by the time I finished it the challenge was over! Oh well...

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Cards made with May Stash Swap

Hels sent me a wonderful and very generous stash! It's so much fun to get a taste of different products. I've now got my eye on that spotty paper!
I got to work as soon as I could and made these three cards:

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tilda, Flowersoft and flocking

I used flowersoft on the head dress and flocking on the shirt. I blended fushia and white flocking powders to use on the main part of the shirt. The pockets were flocked with fuschia. I really like the result of blending flocking colours. I wasn't sure they'd blend but they did.

The was supposed to be for the Friday Sketchers Challenge but I got it all wrong and the result doesn't meet the criteria for the challenge. having said that, I really like it! I used metallic pens to colour the dungarees. Looking at it now I realise the seat (and therefore also Tilda) is wonky!! Oh well, never mind ;-)

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Christmas again

I'm really pleased with these cards because they're different from my usual 'recipe'.My favourite is the third one. I really struggled to know how to use that paper.

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Gorjuss girl

I loved colouring in this Gorjuss girl

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More cards...

I love this Gorjuss girl image and I'm really happy with the end result too!

Another one just for fun:
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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My first blog award!

Sally kindly gave me a blog award!
She has lovely cards on her blog: Sally's Blog

Thank you very much!

In turn I am passing it on to:

It seems that every other online craft friend already has this award that's why there aren't 5 links above - I couldn't find 5 award-less blogs!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

This is my first time using a picture of this style. I don't know many little grils so I didn't think I needed cute stamps but now that I've decided to give most of my cards to charity I am free to do loads of styles! The detail on the dress is lilac mini pearls - I love that stuff. Need to get some more - I seem to find lots of uses for it!

Here's another Christmas card. I used blending chalks to do the blue background and I'm very pleased with how well it worked. I love those chalks!!
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Trying to master new techniques

So I bought this 12 pack kit of flocking powder .... but I am struggling with it so I'm forcing myself to keep trying until I master it!
The flowers and stems on this card are flocked:

For this cards I was practising multiple stamping and embossing (the Best Wishes text is stamped and embossed):

I spent a whole hour working on this mouse whilw all it did was sleep on that cozy brush!! ;-)

This started off being my version of the MSE Green challenge but it didn't turn out to be very green in the end:

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I'm a bit unsure about these three cards.The first one was heavily inspired by someone else's card but I don't remember whose it was! If you're reading this and recognise the card pls let me know and I will acknowledge you as the designer. I tried to colour in and then emboss the orange flowers but the ink dried too quickly so it didn't work. Hubby says it looks like the card is designed for a man so he wants to know why on earth I put a handbag on it! Fair point. I left the tag blank so that it can be 'filled' with a sentiment at the last minute.

With the boot card...the idea is that you have to untie the shoelace to open it. Really it was an excuse to use my Crop-a-dile. I like the eyelets and shoelace bit but then I ran into problems because I found that no other embellishing would work with the card. I think it'll be another one for the 'Didn't-quite-work-out' pile. If anyone's got any ideas feel free to share them with me!

This handbag card is OK-ish but I feel the border I drew with a pink pen pulls the whole card down. Oooohh...I've just had an idea...maybe I could cover the pink outline with glue and sprinkle on some gitter or maybe micro pearls...

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Snowflakes for Christmas

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My favourite stamp

I really love this stamp. I borrowed it from a friend but love it so much that I'm trying to find it in the shops/online but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!

This is an ATC made with some Anna Griffin paper. I saw Anna Griffin on QVC a few years ago and bought a whole kit...but I got pregnant shortly afterwards and the busy patterns really set off my nausea and since then each time I see those papers I feel queasy. Such a shame bc they are beautiful products. I can handle the less busy patterns like the background paper I used here.
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Crop-a-dile flowers

I'm finding any excuse to make cards! This one is to say thank you to the team of tree surgeons who did a much needed and great job in our overgrown garden. I hope it's not too girly for them with the flowers and all but I thought they would like it as it's got a gardening theme to it.
It also gave me agreat opportunity to use my Crop-a-dile to make the flowers.
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Some more Christmas cards

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