Monday, 3 August 2009

Two birthdays...

We've been celebrating birthdays!

Firstly and foremost, my little boy was 4!
He loves trains so I made him a cake that would fit the bill:

He loved it and so did his 18mo brother. It was so easy and so enjoyable to make I hope I'll be 'allowed' to make it again in future!

And speaking of birthdays...7 little chicks hatched this week:

They will be blue egg layers and green egg layers...assuming at least some of the 7 are girls that is.
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  1. Wow how scrummy does the cake look ? Bet it tasted as good as it looked. Well Done on being so inventive.... How sweet are those chicks too ? !!!

  2. Wow that cake is amazing, you clever thing!!! Those chicks are sooo gorgeous!!!

  3. yum that cake looks delicious and so creative!! well done :) xx

  4. oh what cute little chicks. That cake looks scrummy.