Monday, 22 March 2010

First crochet project

I've discovered crochet!
I always thought I would hate that type of thing as knitting is really not something I have ever enjoyed but crochet is sooooo much more enjoyable!
I have been teaching myself thanks to online videos over the past couple of days and although my only completed project is this dishcloth I have been practicing loads and loads of different stitches and have lots of little granny squares lying about.
I'm not one for decorative objects really so I chose to make useful items - like dishcloths! Plus there's something strangely satisfying to have homemade dishcloths in today's ultra fast-paced, industrialised world.
The dishcloth isn't as uneven as it looks - it's just that someone (ahem, me) didn't shape it properly before taking the picture - that and someone had already used it to mop up a spot of jam!


  1. Well done on learning a new craft! Brilliant dish cloths Jaqui x

  2. Brilliant, it reminds me of the first thing I made out of string vest cotton.