Friday, 18 June 2010

Random act of kindness...

Someone we barely know turned up with this furniture he made for our children!!!
He's a woodcutter by trade but even if making the furniture only took him 10min (which I doubt) he still spent 10min of his life making something for my kids and I'm really, really touched.
Do you know what else I thought was great? Instead of running off all embarassed like some people do when they do something kind, his face beamed with happiness when he gave us those gifts. He was just happy to be doing something nice.

If anyone does actually read this post I'd like to encourage you to find someway of doing something really nice for someone for no apparent reason. Things like this make the world a better place and can make such a huge difference to someone day/week/month.
I'm going to take up my own challenge and find a way of outrageously blessing someone unawares...

1 comment:

  1. how lovely to be given such a gorgeous gift and what a kind person to have done this just for you.