Thursday, 9 April 2009

More cards!

This is one I made from printing off free background papers. Unfortunately the ink seems to smudge easily and the paper curled a bit after the glue dried so I'll need to look into how I should have done it! ;-) It's not my best creation but never mind.

I made this one about 3 years ago (!!) for a French friend but I can't remember why I still have it!

I really like this one though I don't think you can see all the detail on the photo (if you click on the photo it should open up a larger version). BTW, this is a square white card. I just realised that what is actually carpet in the background could look like a textured card). The ribbon I used horizontally had glue seeping through so I applied glue to the whole ribbon and used pearl powder on it: I really like the result! Each of the little handbags has an 'embelishment on it: the first has varnish, the second and third pearl powder accents: