Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back into papercrafting!

I'm finally back into papercrafting!
After doing a MAJOR declutter of all my bits and bobs and organising the rest so I can actually find things I'm back on track after taking a 'maternity leave' from crafting!

Here are some of my creations:

This is my very first ATC. I credit ATCs for getting me back into crafting:

This is one of the very few of my scrapbook pages that contains any significant amount of journalling. It's kind of a 'private' page out of respect for my son as it lists the most memorable public embrassing things he did when he was 2.5!!

This is my other son, aged 4 months:

This is an Easter card that didn't go too well. I was experimenting with the freebie samples of flock I got with my craft magazine and my toddler decided he wanted to 'help' and...well...need I say more? But I don't mind too much. I'm OK to have a few less-than-perfect cards if it means I can spend time with my little one showing him how to make cards.


  1. Didn't go too well? looks fab to me ;-)

  2. Fantastic array of items, you are well back into papercrafting I think!!!

  3. Wonderful cards and pages, so glad you have decided to start crafting again. x

  4. Wow what a great start to get back into crafting

  5. Your cards and scrapbook pages are brilliant, well done!
    I know what you mean about Little ones helping! I did the exact same thing letting my son loose with my flock powder, we enjoyed every minute! x